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Title: The Courage of Letting Go
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings/Characters: Gen. Harry Potter, Molly Weasley, the Weasleys.
Word Count: 519
Rating: G
Warnings: None, probably didn’t manage to hit on emotional like it was in my head.
Prompt: For my ‘nurturing’ tile on GYWO Bingo.
Author’s Notes: Huh. I don’t think is as powerful as it was in my head by a long shot but I’m not going to be able to write that so here’s this instead.
Summary: Harry sees Mrs Weasley as the mother she is while she says goodbye to her children.

Harry doesn't think of Mrs Weasley as 'Molly' often.

He's never felt excluded or left out. He's as much a part of the family to her as their hereditary red hair. But there are times when he purposefully steps back and gives them room. While she may look at him with that glitter of pride in her eye like any of her other children, he's not technically blood, and she's not quite his mother.

He thinks of her as Molly this morning.

It's a Monday. The whole family has been together all weekend. They've scarfed down more food than can reasonably fit in their bellies and laughed so much all their voices are scratchy. Even Percy flooed in, face straight and head held high though he couldn't quite meet Mr Weasley's eyes, for the festivities.

They aren't exactly going to war today. The ministry has banned that word, but the uprise in dark follower activity has risen high enough to warrant it.

They aren't exactly going to war today, but they are.

Mrs Weasley becomes Molly to Harry, then, as he sits on the bottom step of the Burrow's rebuilt winding staircase. She seems human and emotional and fragile and somehow incredibly courageous. She's a mother, worried for her little ones all over again. She birthed them and raised them. Spent sleepless nights worrying over them for years. Protected them on the darkest and lightest days, a constant pillar of support at their backs even when they forgot. She’s heard their hopes and dreams, and their deepest nightmares. She laughed when they were at their funniest. She’s witnessed them at their strongest and their weakest. She’s fed them, clothed them, sheltered them from all the raging storms. She’s their mother.

But she isn't Harry's.

Harry isn't being left out. All of the Weasley’s, Percy included, see him as another sibling consciously, but...

He's banished himself to his step on his own. This is a moment he doesn't feel he should interrupt. Something precious Molly needs to have.

Harry watches her smother Ron to her breast, her palms deep in his thick head of hair that has grown too long over their indulgent summer. She presses her palms to George's cheeks, feeling the heat of him. She berates Ginny's decision to join with them and leaves her tears on her daughter's forehead. To Percy, she seems bewildered for a moment before she reaches out and straightens his tie affectionately. Bill gets fingers running smoothly down his clothes, checking to make sure he's got everything he needs for his mission. Charlie, well, Charlie breaks the tension with a joke, but Harry can't remember for the life of him what it is he says three seconds later.

Molly laughs good-naturedly through her pale fingers, which are pressed tightly over her mouth.

She has her own missions to complete. The Order has been recalled.

Then she starts again at the beginning of her line of brave soldiers.

Harry goes upstairs then. Molly will embrace him and cry on him like she does with everyone she loves, but not now. Now is for her family.
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