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Hello friends!

I'm in need of help.

I'm writing my first x-men fic and I need help breaking into the fandom on lj. Can anyone tell me active lj comms? Is there a beta request comm out there?

Relationship specific Cherik, and movie/tv not comic if it applies, but mainly just x-men in general.

Let me know if you're a fellow fandomer over there too :D Would be nice to already know some friendly faces.
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All my darling friends in other contries!  I seek intel!

I'm looking for Citrus Polos!!

Now on the wiki page, it specifically says they've been discontinued in the UK.  Does that mean they still exist in other parts of the world?

Any news?  Consider this an urgent mission!
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Good day to all my lovely LJ friends!

Hope you're all well - sorry I've been rather absent lately.

I'd like to ask for some opinions.  I'm a pianist - which some of you may already know - and at the moment I'm stumped for new stuff I'd like to learn.  I don't really like playing the traditional classical stuff, I'm more of a modern melody girl.  At the moment I'm going through an Einaudi phase still but the problem is I'm finding his stuff really easy to learn.  So although I enjoy playing it, it isn't as much of a challenge as I'd like.

Does anyone have any piano pieces they love they'd like to share?  Don't worry about diffuculty, I'm game for anything.  If I like a piece enough I can get pretty dogged about not letting it beat me :p.

So anyone?  Got a piano piece - or a song you've heard on youtube just by a pianist - you'd like to share?  If all goes well I wouldn't be adverse to videoing it later on for you :)
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Hello to all my flist!!!

Is anyone out there up for some word warring this fine evening/afternoon?

I'll be in both the merlin_writers chat and Harry BB chat until someone pops in.  Help!!  I really need a motivation buddy!

Raven x
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Hello! My lovely friends!

Okay, so for my NaNoWriMo I'm going to try and write (even if it doesn't reach the word count) an Apocalypse BigBang.

I'm pretty sure my fandom will be Teen Wolf mainly because it's already a werewolf verse and the characters fit my idea.

But what is the purpose of this post, you may ask? I wanted to see if anyone I already know would be willing to cheerlead me through this monster (mini-monster) I would be eternally grateful. I'm not asking for a beta. Just a cheerleader - although if you wanted to do that too...well, it'll be more like eternal cosmic love.

It is an Apocalypse AU so you don't really need much knowledge about TW, fyi.

For artist claiming reasons, I can't publish my summary here, but if you're even the slightest bit considering it, PM me and I'll send it over for a decision.

There will be ranting, and hardcore world building, and ideas bouncing everywhere. And there will be fun times and down times. But I thought I'd ask friends first because the people who are on my friends list are people I know and like.

Hopefully I'll get some PMs.



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