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And here's week #3 of the Wizarding Games Bingo :D  All in one again because I'm like the queen of last minute - even for my own events - and this was easiest on my poor little brain.

It Started With a Book
Word Count:
Prompts:  All 9 of them (Quidditch World Cup, Beater, Holyhead Harpies, Muggle Sport, Hufflepuff, Pairs Sport, Broomstick, Fleur Delacour & Aingenein.)
Rating: T (little bit of swearing and references to sex.)
Pairing:  H/D

It Started With a Book )

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Annndddddd [livejournal.com profile] hd_writers wizarding games bingo card week #2 here we are :)  All prompts in one, so that's another 65 points.  And yes, I'm well aware Cedric was a Seeker at school but some of us just have hidden talents :)  Enjoy.

Silly But Logical (The Test)
Word Count:
Prompts: All 9 of them (Falmouth Falcons, Golden Snitch, Cedric Diggory, Ravenclaw, Chaser, wizarding chess, match, Chocolate Frog Card Collection & Quidditch)
Rating: T

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Title: Guardian of the Grounds
Word Count: 516
Rating: V. light M (literally hinted sex poetically)
Challenge: HD_writers Wizarding Games: Assignement #4 - Create an H/D story from the POV of neither Harry nor Draco (Min: 500 Words)
POV: The Whomping Willow - don't ask, I'm weird.
Pairing: Required Harry/Draco obviously :D
Warnings: Purple prose, omg so much, I'm so sorry!  Hinted sex um.  What tense is this?  First person plural present?  Omg, totally sorry for that too.
A/N: Does this even count?  The prompt doesn't say to include a sport and this is kind of what just happened sooo...yeah I'm going to go with this.  Felt like a marathon getting the last 100 words in so I think this counts!

Fic... )

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Title: Resilience
Rating: G
Word Count: 2213
Warnings: Angst.  Lot's of angst.  Post-war.  Mentions of canon character death.  8th Year.
Written for: Back to Hogwarts at [livejournal.com profile] hd_writers.  Drabble challenge, all prompts included. (Go RAVENCLAW!)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or make any profit from this work.
Summary: A new school year is welcomed in and Hogwarts continues to march forth, resilient.
A/N:  Nothing really.  All the prompts are there and it is intended to read as one story rather than separate drabbles.  It is rather angsty and a canon divergence 8th year fic.  Everyone else wrote lovely happy things - doing great everyone by the way, all the fic coming out if amazing! - but I thought I'd stick to my strengths and I actually found this to be one of the easiest things I've written in a while, flowed nicely.  Enjoy and let me know thoughts. :D
Also, take note of the song, I actually think it fits the fic quite well and maybe that's why it turned out a way i quite like :)

Read fic: Resilience )

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Originally posted by witchyemerald at post

banner by witchyemerald

hd_writers is happy to announce
Welcome Back to Hogwarts
an interactive event, where you and your House compete for
House Points and the House Cup!

This event is for writers, artists, and even readers. There is something for everyone!

Signups start Monday.
Come get sorted and compete for the House Cup.


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