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When I started up this LJ I said on my ff profile to come here for updates on anything imaginable...yeah, that obviously hasn't been happening because I'm just appalling.  There are a number of things on the agenda.  Let us begin.
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17500 / 30000 words. 58% done!

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Firstly, who is even going to read this! My insecurities playing up here but even if I completely BAM a LJ link all over my other profiles - ff.net and AO3 - who is actually going to bother coming here!

Having said that, I definately discovered one of my favourite 'Inception' ff authors with their full archive on here - Whiskyrunner (woooo!)

Secondly - and really the start of this thing - because I'm starting Paperlegends I wanted somewhere I can direct people to chat with me/comment on ideas and somewhere I can motivate myself with a constant word count.

So, Paperlegends, let's lay this out straight and get started. For the record I am currently looking for a beta/task master.

Title: Unknown
Target Word Count: 30k-50k
Rating: M/NC-17 (I haven't decided whether it will be M or E on AO3)
Relationships: Arthur/Merlin, side Gwen/Lancelot
Setting: AU/University + AU/Supervillain/Superhero
Summary: It isn't Arthur's fault he's a villain, he was just raised that way. And he's not a failure of a son, god damn it!, so why is Uther sending him to do evil deeds on his behalf like a lacky! Right-of-passage! Coming-of-age! Pah!
And, of course, he would be sent to the only city where a vigilante resides to meddle with him, wouldn't he.

Or something along those lines...

700 / 30000 words. 2% done!


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