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I'd just like to say a quick sorry to mods and my fandom friends for really not being around this summer. It also means that I disappeared on a few fests and just did not contact mods that I should have contacted.

While it's true for the last few weeks I've been working and busy, it's really not the reason i haven't been around properly.

Honestly? I've just stopped writing. Not just for fandom but overall. I think going to uni last year and half my course being creative writing just ruined the pleasure and joy of it for me. They tried to bang so many rules into us that just don't suit my style of writing. I didn't take the course to get published. I'm not concerned about making my writing more sellable.

I write for my own pleasure and i took the course (I'm actually a film student really) as more of a self-improvement thing, a personal development poject because I knew i'd have to do things i hate (like sharing my ideas and reading aloud for example). I think that part worked.

But I also just started hated writing.

I've sort of half dropped that side of the course. I'm only taking it as a minor and 2 of my 3 modules for the next 2 years are in script writing, so i'm really hoping i can get back into fandom. It's not that I've lost enthusiasm, it's that I just started hating writing. It became a chore. And that's not what i want my hobby to be.

So, I'd really like to apologise to any mods i've put in a tight spot or any of my fandom friends i talk to a lot who feel i've gone missing on them.

A special apology also goes out to [livejournal.com profile] salem_dark_wolf for leaving her in the lurch with her ACBB betaing. I am getting there and I WILL get through it. (I'll message you in a sec too).

I think that's all I wanted to say. I pop into the chatzy chats every now and then but haven't been staying cos im not being productive in them. I miss you guys. I really do. I'll be trying to get back on the horse shortly.

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Hello my lovely friends list.
Hope you're all well.

So I know for some of you on here English isn't your first language.  And I'm hoping that some other people have learned a second language as well.

I've decided I'd really like to learn German fluently.  I'm fully aware it's a difficult thing to do on your own.  But I like the German language and I took 5 years of it in high school, so I'm hoping that - although I don't remember much of it now - it'll come back pretty quickly.

So what I'd like your help with, is where to start.  To anyone who's learned another language, what kind of materials did you use?  What did you find most helpful? Where did you find them?  Is there a certain series of e.g. books you'd recommend (even if you used them for a different language)?  Are there any places you really wouldn't recommend or are inaccurate?

Basically, would anyone mind telling me about their experiences learning a new language?

Many thanks to anyone who responds.


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