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And here's week #3 of the Wizarding Games Bingo :D  All in one again because I'm like the queen of last minute - even for my own events - and this was easiest on my poor little brain.

It Started With a Book
Word Count:
Prompts:  All 9 of them (Quidditch World Cup, Beater, Holyhead Harpies, Muggle Sport, Hufflepuff, Pairs Sport, Broomstick, Fleur Delacour & Aingenein.)
Rating: T (little bit of swearing and references to sex.)
Pairing:  H/D

It Started With a Book )

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Annndddddd [livejournal.com profile] hd_writers wizarding games bingo card week #2 here we are :)  All prompts in one, so that's another 65 points.  And yes, I'm well aware Cedric was a Seeker at school but some of us just have hidden talents :)  Enjoy.

Silly But Logical (The Test)
Word Count:
Prompts: All 9 of them (Falmouth Falcons, Golden Snitch, Cedric Diggory, Ravenclaw, Chaser, wizarding chess, match, Chocolate Frog Card Collection & Quidditch)
Rating: T

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Hey, these are my week #1 bingo assignment submissions!!  Yay me, finally done them!  So, assignment #6, all prompts, worth 65 points :D

The Psychologist of Quidditch )Settling Disagreements (Hermione Style) )

Sulking (A Lesson) )

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Title: Guardian of the Grounds
Word Count: 516
Rating: V. light M (literally hinted sex poetically)
Challenge: HD_writers Wizarding Games: Assignement #4 - Create an H/D story from the POV of neither Harry nor Draco (Min: 500 Words)
POV: The Whomping Willow - don't ask, I'm weird.
Pairing: Required Harry/Draco obviously :D
Warnings: Purple prose, omg so much, I'm so sorry!  Hinted sex um.  What tense is this?  First person plural present?  Omg, totally sorry for that too.
A/N: Does this even count?  The prompt doesn't say to include a sport and this is kind of what just happened sooo...yeah I'm going to go with this.  Felt like a marathon getting the last 100 words in so I think this counts!

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